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Omni API

Simple REST API wrapper for the Omni infra-structure.


Typical usage of the Omni client implies the providing of the username and the password inside the target omni instance (Direct Mode).

api = omni.Api(
    base_url = "",
    username = "YOUR_USERNAME",
    password = "YOUR_PASSWORD"

Alternatively it's possible to use the api throught an OAuth base approach using the provided client id and secret values.

api = omni.Api(
    base_url = "",
    client_id = "YOUR_OAUTH_ID",
    client_secret = "YOUR_OAUTH_SECRET"

For these type of handling the OAuthAccessError exception must be handled and then the user must be redirect to the url provided by api.oauth_autorize method call.

Running then the api.oauth_access call with the returned code from the server side that should be used to redeem the access_token required for session authentication.


Examples are located here.